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I love watching Penelope communicate with animals. She has a natural ability to teach others what she knows. After spending some time learning from Penny, I stopped at a stoplight one day & the dog in the bed of a truck looked right at me clearly communicate to me not to worry about him. He said he had a great owner who really cared about him and that he wasn't stupid...he knew not to jump out of the back. The light turned red & I just sat there stunned! It was great! Now animals are talking to me all the time. One day I will buy a goldfish just so Penelope can talk to it!

Bonnie Strehlow
Consultant, Coach, Workshop Facilitator

"Penelope possesses a presence that is hard to describe and really needs to be experienced. My experience with her has been phenomenal time and time again. I was working with a foster dog in a high stress situation. I had only been in possession of this dog for a couple of days, so we hadn't really had a chance to tightly bond. Riley was feeling very stressed and was starting to act out. Penelope took it upon herself to talk briefly with Riley and share with Riley what was going on. Penelope explained that we were at this event for Riley to meet with a potential adoptive family. Riley expressed some confusion and Penelope took care of that. Riley was the STAR of the EVENT!! She responded to me like we had been working together for years. She was the first dog adopted that day and her new family is thrilled with her. I know that Penelope's communication with Riley helped to calm her and to allay her fears. Thanks Penelope for sharing your gift with Riley and me!"

Annette Lanker

"Penelope brings confirming messages from your pets to you. This strengthens the bond. We benefit from Penelope's own pet’s communication...information everyone should hear. Her readings are inspiring and enlightening. I can highly recommend her ability! Lou J Free Psychic Medium, Consultant type in "Lou J Free's ShowCase""

Lou J Free

"I highly recommend Penelope for any animal communication that you choose to experience. She is compassionate and is truly able to tune into the psyche of the animal she is connecting with. With her help we were able to resolve some issues in our multi-cat and dog household. More importantly, we were able to truly understand our four legged friends and appreciate the depth of their feelings and personalities."

Lyons' Bridge Massage
Professional Herbalist

When I interviewed Penelope, I think I had a preconceived idea of what a pet communicator was. I thought it was just about talking with your pet. And I don't currently have a pet, so I asked her about my ex-pet. What I didn't understand was that what Penelope does is not just about a pet. It's amazing to me what information was brought forth through her ability to communicate with our animals. Accurate, thorough, absolutely amazing, everyone will benefit from a reading with Penelope. She brings forth information that is important to whatever your current issue is. A reading with Penelope will bring you information about your current circumstance that you didn't know and never even thought about before.

Dyan Garris, creator of is a visionary mystic, and clairvoyant, as well as a voice recognition psychic, trance channel psychic medium, and gifted energy worker specializing in chakra balance and manifesting.

Right from the minute I met Penelope at an event, I knew that she was doing something special. Her communication with my kids Serch and The Zappa connected us in a way we were not before. Especially my girl Zappa. As Penelope says, “Carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.” Zappa talks to Penelope throughout the week and gets reassured that all she has to do it worry about us and we will take care of the rest.

Of course my boy Serch is just the opposite. He is all sunshine and smiles with uncontrolled excitement at everything. He was so inspiring to Penelope, he was a Tip of the Week. We found out how much he and Zappa love each other, even though sometimes Zappa just rolls her eyes at her little brother.

Deena Serch and The Zappa

Writing to let you know that my elder kitty, Penelope, left the planet today. When we spoke last November, Penelope told you that her mission in this life was to teach about unconditional love. She did indeed fulfill her mission, though for most of her life in the way of a true contrarian. These last couple of weeks together tapped into wellsprings of unconditional love from me to her as I sat with her, cleaned up after her, comforted her.

Thank you for your kind assistance in this process, Penelope. Her passing was eased through being able to communicate through you first.

Many blessings and unconditional love sent to you, with heartfelt thanks,


I had a reading with Penelope for Honey and Gus and she was really accurate. She'll be attending my next Barking Buddha Doga series at The Seattle Humane Society in May.

Brenda Bryan author
Barking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi

Since you started doing readings for the animals in the shelter I have noticed a difference. The animals are calmer, more relaxed and don't act nearly as worried. Many potential adopters have read the information youhave received from the animals and have had a much easier time in deciding the right animal for their home. One of my favorite stories was the cat who kept telling you she was sweet and not much else. Later we found out she had a previous owner who called her "Sweet Pea".

The dogs are so much more relaxed after your visits. The kennels have a calm relaxed feeling without frantic barking. They seem to just be waiting for their new home to arrive and know they are safe.We have had volunteers and staff asking when you are coming again as almost all the animals you have done readings on have been getting adopted. Your time, love and dedication to helping the animals has been greatly appreciated.

– Officer Rebecca Cleveland
King County animal Control

Thank you so much for coming to meet Emily and Thor (Charlie!) yesterday. I really appreciate any insight I can get into our dogs. I so want to help them in any way I can, if I could find forever homes this minute - I would do just about anything.

Thank you!
– Heather


Thank you so much again for talking with me and Enzo. My household is now complete and I told my two other dogs that he's officially part of the family.

– Kendra

Enzo and Kendra
a Happy Ending
Story to get the
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Bob and I enjoyed meeting you last evening, and thank you for the great reading with Mahi and Gus. Bob and I enjoyed it very much and feel greatly relieved to have some important questions answered. We like your message and it's spiritually based content. We feel you did connect with each of the boys and with us. Thank you for what you do, providing the bridge to our communication with our beloved pets. Looking forward to our future reading.

– Pam & Bob, Mahi and Gus too


First of all thank you so much for all your knowledge and willingness to talk to Toby. The workshop was fantastic and to also learn that I can help Toby was a HUGE extra bonus!!! You have definitely touched my life and Toby's!

– Jen

Thanks for your write on Toby...
he got adopted to a great
We must meet again soon.
– Ginger

Ginger G Luke

I saw that Achieve radio had an animal communicator as a guest on Skye McKenna's show and decided to call in . You told me that Rueben had tried to jump up on something too high and he said he needed a chiropractor. I called four different vet's offices before I could reach one and then we played telephone tag for a few days. Finally we were able to connect and she did an adjustment on Rueben. He seemed better almost immediately after and I felt so relieved. Thank-you again for helping Rueben he is my love.

– Lisa









I've been  practicing my communication skills.
I send pictures of my driving "on my way home" and me walking up to our front door and my boys seem less anxious when
I get home.

– Kendra Coatney




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