Penelope Jensen, Intuitive Animal Communicator - upper banner upper dog image: "Until one has loved an animal, apart of one's soul remians unawakened." --Anatole France





Animal communication or telepathic communication is a natural way of communicating that all animals practice. People and animals can communicate in this manner. We just need to tune back into our intuitive senses and reawaken our natural abilities. Please remember that we, too, are animals. Our animals see the pictures that we form in our minds and are aware of our intentions before we speak or act.

People often sense another’s thoughts, feelings and intentions; they're just not aware of sending or receiving them. Most of us have experienced thinking of someone only to pick up the phone and to hear their voice. We can consciously use these abilities and often find that it is easy and beneficial to talk with the animals. You can learn to reconnect with the animals by taking a class and by practicing. It just takes a little time, dedication and guidance.
Penelope helps you to gain a new level of understanding with your animal companion.
The generally result is more harmony and balance in the relationship. The animals need to be heard, to be understood and often the situation will change just because you are now listening to their concerns. Working as a team a solution can be found to almost every difficulty.

The Most Common Reasons People Ask for Assistance
Behavior problems are often easily addressed once you know the reason why.
Knowing why helps you to find a solution. Animal communication is not a substitute
for training; always seek a gentle, positive approach.

Health Issues
Animal communication can supply important information, where does it hurt, does it feel better or worse after eating and is the medication working? Do you want surgery or treatment? It is not a substitute for veterinary care nor does Penelope prescribe treatments or diagnose diseases.

Death and Dying
It is never easy to choose an outcome for your beloved friend. You can ask, “Is it time?” What are your wishes and is there anything you would like before you leave your body behind?

pets death and dying

Are there changes in your future? Is there a new relationship or perhaps one is ending,
a new room mate or family coming for a visit? Are you moving or just changing your schedule? Let everyone know in advance what to expect.

Quick Check-in
How are you adjusting to the recent change or addition? Are you getting what you need, enough play time, exercise or one on one time?

What’s Their Take
Penelope encourages you to ask your companion before bringing home a new “friend”, either human or animal. Do you wish to know if your pet likes your new girlfriend or boyfriend?

Lost Companions
Lost companions are the hardest of all communications, because both the animal and their person are usually upset. Please read the Lost Animal Tracking section on the consultation page for further information.

Receiving the Message
The Animals can communicate with thoughts, feelings, emotions, pictures, knowing or physical feelings or words. Penelope can talk with any species of animal wild or domestic. Every one has a voice and likes to be recognized.
Many questions can be answered in a half hour session, behavior issues and multiple companion families might need more time to insure everyone gets their needs met.



Penelope Jensen phone numbers: (253)447-8332 or (253)222-9478 contact: Intuitive Animal Communicator