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Have Penelope evaluate you & your animal companion

To set up Consultations
Prepayment is required for all sessions.
Scheduling will be done following payment, including emergency sessions.

Please mail your checks to:
P.O. Box 2092
Port Orchard, WA 98367

00 Pkg-3 30 min sessions $100.00


Scheduling your session
By phone: 253-222-9478. Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number, best times you can be reached and your requested service.

By email: List your name, your requested service and the times you are available. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Penelope honors each session she spends with you, which is why it’s very important that you call at your scheduled time to receive the full allotted time set for you, so as not to interfere with the nextclient’s time slot.

Preparing for our Session
Once you have set an appointment, please write up a list of questions or issues you would like to address.If you are asking about a health issue, please be specific. You may wish to ask, is it better or worse after treatment, where does it hurt, when does it hurt, is the medication working?The more specific the better, it helps in the accuracy of information coming through.
Behavior problems may often take a little time to work out. It is often a negotiation, each
giving a little to reach a compromise. Your animal companions often ask for more time with you, doing their favorite thing. (Snuggling, walking, being stroked)
Please be sure to inform Penelope how many animals are in the home.

Animal Communication
It is with great delight that Penelope shares your animal friend’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, spiritual wisdom and their Soul’s purpose for being with you. She can address behavior and psychological problems and help you negotiate a better outcome. Communication between you and your animal companion supplies vital information about happiness, health, your beloved companions last wishes, or anything else they want you to know. Penelope is able to communicate with all species.
Sessions may include belief, soul, or healing work on your friend or you.

Rainbow Bridge or Crossed Over
Your animal companions can still give and receive messages after they have moved on.
Your friend can share their feelings, thoughts and purpose about their life with you.
Unresolved issues can be resolved.This is one of Penelope’s favorite services, reconnecting in a new way with our loved ones.


Sessions are over the phone or in person.
All sessions are in English.

In person sessions are in the Seattle area. Your in person session may include
a mileage fee.

Private Sessions
Sessions are in 30 or 60 minute increments. You and your animal friend may choose the direction of your communication. Multiple animal families may need more time than 30 minutes so that everyone receives the attention they’re requiring.
Shorter sessions of 15 minutes are great for one question or quick check-ins.

Group Sessions
Gather a group of 5-10 people for a fun and informative time! Every one gets a chance to participate, receiving answers to their individual questions. You will be surprised, amazed and astounded at the communications. Your animal friends need not be present and this is a great theme for a party, a fun business event or fund raiser for your rescue group.
Minimum session 1 hour

Private Readings for a Group
This is a great way for your business to offer a new service to your clients, a fun addition to a party, a club event or fund raiser. It is easy to set up, and fun to promote! Schedule your event at your convenience. Once they have had a session with Penelope your clients, friends or group members will not forget the wonderful communications from their “Best friends”. Animal companions need not be present.
Minimum of 1 hour

Free Talks to Groups and Clubs
What is animal communication, who can communicate with the animals and why should we? Get these questions answered and more. Penelope enjoys sharing her passion for communication and understanding between all living creatures. Hear amazing messages from rescue and shelter animals and amusing stories of Penelope’s adventures with the animals.
Talks average ½ hour to 1 hour

Adjustment and or Vacation Check In
Penelope helps your friend understand the process of your move or how long you will be gone on vacation and who will care for them. Communication is the key to a successful move or a pleasant vacation.Let your animal friend’s know what to expect, so they are more comfortable with the situation.
Change is hard on everyone!

Adoption Adjustment Package
Adopting a new companion can be a joyous occasion. How will the new friend fit in the family? Penelope can give you practical suggestions to ease your new friend into your home. Start with a pre-adoption reading with your current animals, then a session with the new addition to be. Are their desires in alignment with your family? They will benefit from a preview of the new rules and expectations and how many other animals await them. Penelope also offers a session to address any misunderstandings if needed. This is a series of readings tailored to your needs.

Lost Animal Tracking
Lost companions are the hardest of all communications, because both the animal and their person are usually upset. Penelope will often require some time to work with the human member of the team to create a calm supportive energy. This in turn can help the missing animal to be calm as well.
Questions you can expect me to ask: Where have you looked for your friend? Have you called your local animal shelters and veterinarians? Have you put up flyers? Have you been visualizing your animal friend coming home? I will also need an address to begin my tracking.
Penelope always does her best to locate and help you recover your missing companion.
Most of your missing friends wish to be found. Often it was not their intention to become lost. Remember there are cases in which the animal does not wish to be found or has crossed “The Rainbow Bridge”.
Please try and put the situation in your Higher Powers hands, let The Divine or the Universe take control and trust it will work out. Please remember our companions’ have free will and their own agenda; it may not be exactly what we want from the situation.


Theta Healing is a healing system that creates change at a cellular level. ThetaHealing™ addresses both the physical body and the subconscious mind. It can create what we consider miracles.
It works by identifying what is being held in the subconscious mind and changing it. Beliefs held in the subconscious mind are often your blocks to happiness, prosperity, love and great relationships. Beliefs can also cause dis-ease in the body, identifying and changing those beliefs allows the body to heal itself. It is also a wonderful tool to create feelings such as love, joy happiness and support.

Penelope is a certified ThetaHealing™ Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple yet highly effective form of alternative healing. EFT allows individuals to release physical as well as emotional blockages in order to return to optimum health and happiness. You can restore confidence, release physical distress, alter natural behavior, and return to a more satisfying life.
Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system, without the use of needles. EFT benefits animals as well as humans.
Surrogate tapping is used for most animals.

For more information on EFT see Penelope’s site


Penelope Jensen phone numbers: (253)447-8332 or (253)222-9478 contact: Intuitive Animal Communicator