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Connect with your companion.

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Introduction to Animal Communication
This beginner’s mini class teaches the essentials on how to telepathically get in touch with animals. How to tap into the communication you already have with your animal friends, and expand your receptivity, increase your awareness and open your heart.

Basic Animal Communication
This full day class teaches the essentials of animal communication how and to quiet your mind. Learn the science of the mind, discover your blocks and gain understanding of the animals’ perspective. Strengthen your bond with your animal friends, find out what their wants and needs are and address important issues. Have fun with practicing exercises and developing techniques. You can bring pictures
of your companion animals to communicate with.

One Day One Command
The One Command® is a technique that teaches you to stop negative thinking and reprogram your mind for success. You will learn how to clear old programming and state what you want. You naturally begin attracting people, ideas and money to you in ways that seem almost magical. Within a short time you begin living your life from a whole new perspective, naturally and easily. Using the six-step process to tap into the theta state, you now are truly the master of your own destiny. You can create the life you have been dreaming of. Learn how The One Command® works, identify what is not working, clear that belief and create a
new reality.

Penelope is a One Day One Command Teacher, Certified Commanding Wealth Circle Leader. She has trained extensively with Asara Lovejoy Author and creator of The One Command®.


Introduction to Animal Communication, Basic Animal Communication and
The One Command®
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